Monday, July 9, 2018

Now or Never

I'll give Topps a ton of credit for this; the 1-day time frame to purchase one of their Topps Now cards is pretty genius. That way, if you want a card commemorating a highlight from your favorite player or team, you'd have to purchase it right away. There's really not all that much time to think about it. As the name of this post reiterates, it's now or never.

While pondering over my 2018 card collecting goals a couple weeks ago, I rediscovered one of my goals; to purchase a Topps Now card through Topps in 2018. I knew I wanted to wait for a Red Sox highlight that really stood out to me. The Eduardo Nunez inside the park home run on opening day was marvelous, but a bit too soon. Then, I kind of forgot about the goal until the Red Sox vs Yankees series in New York a little over a week ago.

In game 2 of that 3-game series, Rafael Devers hit a grand slam off Sonny Gray, becoming the youngest player to hit a grand slam in the Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry. Naturally, a record-breaking moment in this marquee matchup called for a Topps Now card. I didn't want to forget about this for 3 more months, and I really liked the Devers card for multiple reasons, including the fact that I watched the game live.

Therefore, I said to myself "why not?" and paid the unreasonable $9.99 to get my very first, and possibly my last Topps Now card which arrived earlier today.

The glossy card front features a modern and pretty simple design. It sticks to a few main colors; grey and black for the set and red for the Red Sox colors. It also includes the Topps Now logo which I just noticed includes a clock in the letter O as well as the rookie card symbol which makes this Devers card even more desirable. Still, you're not buying a Topps Now because it has the best set design you've ever seen. You'd purchase a Topps Now card because it commemorates some special event, milestone, highlight, or record-breaking moment. Devers set a record by hitting that grand slam, and he is still considered a rookie. That's why out of all the options I've had or will have for Topps Now cards this year, I know I can't go wrong with this one.

The back of the card is even more simple than the front. It shows the 3 guys who scored off Devers' grand slam congratulating him after reaching home plate. It also includes the Topps Now card number, #389, in small letters in the top right. One thing that I do like about the back is the placement of the Topps logo in holo letters all around the photo. It kind of reminds me of the Topps Finest plastic coating that was placed on the Topps Finest cards in the late 90's and early 2000's.

While I cannot say I'll be rushing to purchase another pricey Topps Now card soon, I'm really glad I ended up going for it and getting my first Topps Now card, commemorating a Red Sox vs Yankees moments nevertheless.

Now, if this record gets broken anytime soon, that's when I'll actually be upset. Still, I only had a day to make up my mind, and I'm glad I went for it. 

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  1. I bought my first two Topps Now cards last week--from a dime box. Grated they weren't cards with much star power--Asdrubal Cabrera and TJ Rivera--but they're Mets and I'm in their market (and they're my team).

    I was very pleased to get them at the price, but they sure don't look like $10 cards.