Saturday, October 20, 2018

3 Cent Red Sox Cards Courtesy of Twitter

It's happened; Twitter baseball card purchases are officially becoming a bad habit given that I've made 4 in the last couple weeks. Move over COMC and Sportlots, we have a new site that's using cardboard to take my cash.

To be fair, I've thought long and hard before making each purchase on Twitter, weighing the pros and cons of this option for buying baseball cards. However, this time, it was frankly a no-brainer to go for it and scoop up a nice lot of Red Sox cards for an unbelievable price of 3 cents per card plus shipping.

I have yet another card package from Twitter arriving next week, but this was one that I didn't necessarily know much about. That's because Baseball Card Addict Jenny was going through a box of 5,000 cards and was nice enough to separate the cards she found into team lots to offer up. 

Soon after this post, I swooped in to claim the Red Sox and for a great deal less than half the price of a blaster, nearly 100 Red Sox cards were sent my way.

A decent number of the cards included in the package were from early 2000's Donruss sets which I must say I'm not too familiar with. For starters, the 2003 Donruss set appears to be focused on photography, almost like a Stadium Club set. The Johnny Damon and Shea Hillenbrand cards, in particular, draw my attention for their unconventional photo choices.

Furthermore, 2004 Donruss was also present in the 94-card lot that was sent my way, a set I've begun to appreciate in the short time since discovering the design. It faintly resembles what 2019 Topps is set to look like, and the set has extra meaning to it due to it being from 2004, showing the players responsible for breaking Boston's 86-year World Series title drought.

Players like Kevin Youkilis and Derek Lowe were definitely prominent in the stacks I received recieved, but no player appeared more than Pedro Martinez, or at least not by much. I was fortunate enough to receive more than the cards shown above of the 4-time Cy Young award winner, and my favorite of the bunch would have to be either the 2004 Donruss card or the Upper Deck Black Diamond.

In addition to their being quite a few Donruss cards in the lot, 2017 Topps Stadium Club had to be the most represented set in the group with around 10 cards of the nearly 100 being from that set. Though it's a set I believed to be fairly familiar with, I was pleased to find cards from the set I did not recognize. Whether they were retired players like Damon and Varitek...

Or members of the 2017 Red Sox team, the Stadium Club cards included in this Red Sox stack claim helped make the package of cards even better than I imagined, especially since I never thought I'd be getting David Ortiz and Xander Bogaerts cards for 3 cents each, no matter what the year, set, or condition is. 

I have to say it vaguely reminds me of the 800-count box I filled back in August where I paid 6 cents a card. Now, these are examples of the kind of deals I like to take advantage of.

As for the last 2 cards, I'm showing them for no reason other than I really like the card designs. The 2003 Fleer Platinum set is one of my favorite sets from the 2000's decade, and the photo of Varitek on it in his catching gear is another major plus to what was already a fantastic card.

As for the Bryce Bentz card, I'm not quite sure how he's worked out in Pittsburgh, but I always felt like he was capable of contributing to the Red Sox teams. I've become a sucker for Topps' shiny cards, refractors, and parallels which is why this purple parallel prospect card from Bowman Platinum is another one of the standouts from the box.

Red Sox cards for 3 cents; now there's a deal pretty hard to beat.

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