Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Major Kimbrel Collection Addition From The Collector

I've been "super" collecting current free agent closer Craig Kimbrel for a little over a year now. Although my Craig Kimbrel player collection isn't the largest out of all the guys I collect, a grand total of 117 cards is not too shabby for a guy who isn't included in every Baseball card product. 

Not to mention, the player collection total was hovering around 30 cards just over a year ago.

I usually stay away from describing my Craig Kimbrel player collection as a "super collection" for a number of reasons. First and foremost, although it qualifies as a Gold Tier player collection through the system I organized, my Kimbrel player collection is far from my largest PC, although doubles are uniquely excluded from the Kimbrel Collection.

Moreover, with all the different players, sets, and cards that I collect, classifying my Kimbrel PC as a super collection would indicate that it's the primary focus of my collection. While I'm always on the hunt for new Kimbrel cards, I can't see myself prioritizing the Craig Kimbrel collection over everything else that I collect.

With that being said, I'm always looking to add new Kimbrel cards to my collection, and I was able to get my hands on an awesome new card courtesy of Chris of The Collector. Before I get to the Kimbrel card, I'll also show a few of the Red Sox singles that he sent my way.

The very thin and flimsy cardstock of each of these Red Sox legends' cards implies to me that they're both from some sort of magazine. While I know the David Ortiz is out of Sports Illustrated Kids, I don't quite know where the Carl Yastrzemski card is from. Nevertheless, it's a nice new addition for my Yaz player collection and features some nice artwork on the front as well.

In addition to some nice new cards for my Red Sox team collection which is currently under reorganization, Chris sent over a couple of nice new cards for my Nomar Garciaparra player collection, one that reached Gold Tier status just a couple of days ago after receiving my package from the team collectors.

Although his final days in Boston weren't too memorable, Nomar was one of the most talented athletes in the entire city for a number of years. While I have reasons to stop collecting guys like Curt Schilling or Roger Clemens, I don't see a major reason to quit adding cards to my Garciaparra player collection.

Thanks to Chris who actually bought this card on COMC before trading it to me, I now have a new favorite card in my Craig Kimbrel player collection, a Topps Strata patch card from the reliever's brief time with the San Diego Padres. 

Although the scan makes it hard to see, the card is serial numbered 44/50, making it my lowest numbered Kimbrel card. The patch is a gorgeous tri-color jersey swatch from either his name or the San Diego Padres logo, though I'm leaning towards the name instead. 

The patch card also features a certified code on the hologram on the bottom right corner of the patch. After I finish this post up, I'll verify it online to see what game this awesome patch is from.

Major thanks once again to Chris for the trade. I hope you enjoyed the cards I sent you in return. I know I'm definitely ecstatic to add this Kimbrel card to my collection.


  1. I'm thrilled that I could pick this up for you. It's a fantastic card and I know you'll take good care of it. Enjoy, and thanks for the trade!

  2. The Yastrzemski is from a small 11 card set produced by Hillshire Farms/Kahns in 1989. If I recall, they also produced coins of Yaz and Bench to commemorate their Hall of Fame induction. Here's the set:'s-Cooperstown