Saturday, January 12, 2019

Opening a Pack of 2018 Topps Heritage Minor League

I actually picked up this pack of 2018 Topps Heritage Minor League around Christmas time last year when I purchased my box of 2018 Bowman's Best. The card shop that I bought the box at didn't have a working credit card machine at the time, and the owner gave me the pack as a way to compensate for the broken machine.

Before this pack, I had never opened any of Topps Heritage Minor League before despite the Heritage brand being my favorite product year after year. 

Recently, I've started to become more fond of prospect collecting thanks to sets like Bowman's Best and regular Bowman as well. I wouldn't go so far as to buy a hobby box of this set, but I also don't know if there are retail options for Heritage Minor League. 

Needless to say, I don't come by cards from this set all too often, but I'll take free Baseball cards whenever I can get them. I don't have much knowledge whatsoever about the product, but it'll be something new and different to open if nothing else. Now, let's see what I was able to get.

#147 Logan Allen
Just like regular Heritage and the High Number set from 2018, Heritage Minor League features the 1969 Topps design. I'm not very familiar with minor league teams since most prospect sets simply mention the organization that the prospect is playing in. 1 card into the pack and I'm already liking how the product can help me familiarize myself with various minor league franchises.

#81 Shane Baz
However, some teams' minor league affiliates have the same name as the major league franchise which is the case for Shane Baz who played for the Bristol Pirates before being traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in the Chris Archer deal. Additionally, in true 2018 Topps Heritage fashion, the light blue sky backgrounds simply cannot be left out.

#47 Jose Albertos
The Iowa Cubs are one of a few select minor league teams that I'm familiar with apart from the Red Sox's minor league affiliates. Out of all the base cards found in the pack, Jose Albertos is definitely my favorite, due in large part to the awesome hat and uniform. 

The only other Iowa Cubs card in my collection is a dime box pickup from 2015 Pro Debut of Kris Bryant, easily one of the best dime cards I've ever found before.

#74 Leody Taveras
I don't know what major league club is affiliated with the Wood Ducks, but these jerseys have to be some of the most interesting uniforms I've ever seen in my life. I must say that in Heritage Minor League, Topps hit all the right notes in terms of what color circles to include on each card with every color and team pair working thus far.

#69CC-MG Topps Collector Cards/Transogram Set
I don't know if I've ever seen the original cards that inspired these inserts from last years' Heritage Minor League set, but I do know that I was able to land a pretty good name since MacKenzie Gore is currently the #13 prospect in all of Baseball as a member of the San Diego Padres organization. Since I don't have any in my collection, I'd be interested to learn what players the original checklist featured.

#146 Evan White
The card backs are exactly what we've come to expect from a 2018 Topps Heritage product. Since the original card backs from 1969 Topps varied with a couple of different colors, Topps made sure to keep it consistent with the same peach color in 2018 Topps Heritage. 

However, Topps, being variation crazy, made sure to include magenta back variations limited to 10 copies, at least in the regular Topps Heritage set.

#56 Mike Miller
I've been staying true to collecting more Red Sox cards recently, especially of players who I don't collect. Trade packages, dime box pickups, and even pulls from packs like the card above indicate that I'm not just about player collections. I was pleased to land a card of a Pawtucket Red Sox player, though Miller is currently a free agent.

#2 DL Hal
With DL Hall being the final card of the pack, I suppose it's time to give my thoughts on the product. However, I doubt I can give an accurate review of the product based solely on 1 pack. I will say that it would take a lot for me to buy a hobby box of this, but that's only because I'm not too knowledgable about prospects.

As always, Heritage has done an excellent job, and if there is, in fact, a retail version of Heritage Minor League, this may not be the final pack I buy from this set.

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  1. The Down East Wood Ducks are affiliated with Texas. I believe they're located in North Carolina.
    It's hard to argue with free cards