Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything: Card Show Recap #2

My summer is sadly coming to an end as I'm starting school on Tuesday. My summer was pretty great, but it ends tomorrow and my dad and I decided to have a proper sendoff by going to the card show.

I went to this show with intentions of going straight to the dime bins and nothing else.

Well that didn't happen. One of my favorite vendors who hadn't been at the show was there today. he's a case breaker and receives all the hot new products from Topps and Panini. He had all the usual stuff today plus the releases that I haven't gotten yet.
Like Allen & Ginter.

He had bins of all sorts of individual cards from products he opens. When he's not able to form another base set to sell he puts the extras in this bin. These were 10 cents each and I was able to get all cards of players I collect.
I'm not interested in the non-sports cards in Allen & Ginter, but I am interested in these What A Day inserts. I have seen many posts with these cards and I've always thought the concept was cool, so I was more than happy to get these for a quarter each.

But it wasn't just Allen & Ginter available for cheap money.
There was an abundance of Stadium Club base card available for 10 cents as well. I haven't always been a huge Stadium Club fan especially when they began copying Fleer sets for their set design, but the pictures are great and there are so many unique cards. I was also very happy that there was a Derrek Lee card available as he isn't usually featured in products.
I'm also not usually a fan of these Stadium Club "parallels". However, I thought that the gold on the player name went so well with the Gold Jersey that it was worth it to spend 50 cents on Mr. October. 
I personally have never and probably will never open a pack of Panini Diamond Kings. These Aurora insets on the other hand are a different story. I'd love to get as many of these as I can, but I chose to get these 2 as they do the best job at covering up the fact that there is no licensing.

After looking through various stacks I decided to move on to his 50 cent bin.
There were a variety of interesting cards here. The Pujols from 2013 Topps Chrome looks amazing and the uniform makes it seem like it's actually from 1972. The other cards look classy and sleek, but my definite favorite would have to be Greg Maddux's Before They Were Great card from 2014 Topps.

He even had 2017 Topps Chrome available. I managed to pull 3 of these inserts in packs, but only 1 of a player I collect. These 3 of Cubs star players were easy choices and great additions to those 3 player collections.
There were even disc cards available. The one on the left is a 3D disc from 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes. This insert called Sportflics is something I've seen before, but I've never acquired one of them until today. That along with the Wal-Mart exclusive Betts disc from 2017 Topps Heritage were exactly $1.
Yes this low-end collector picked up some high-end cards. 2017 Topps Inception is notoriously stunning, yet notoriously expensive. That's why I couldn't resist getting these 2 of players I collect, because there really can't be a bad card in this set.

Then I found the rookie cards.
This 2010 Topps Chrome rookie of Jake Arrieta is the only original card I have of him on the Orioles. The card itself isn't really this dusty it's just the case. Anyway this card was $3 and there was no way I could pass it up.
I also couldn't pass up these 2 Benintendi cards. The first is a prospect card from 2016 Bowman Platinum and the second is his actual rookie card from 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter. Since Benintendi had has such a great season thus far I couldn't resist these cards for $2 each.

But for me the greatest deal at the show was this card. This card for only $1.
This card from 1967 is of Donn Clendenon and Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Stargell. The condition isn't even that bad especially for such an old card. But even if it was in worse condition I wouldn't mind. It's an original Stargell card for just $1.

I was able to get all of these amazing cards for less than $30 dollars. This included old, new, high-end, rookies, chrome, and so much in between. That's the beauty of a card show, and nothing can really beat that.

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