Monday, September 11, 2017

My Crazy New Goal

I absolutely love Topps Heritage and with that, I also enjoy almost every single component of the set. There's one thing however from Heritage that strikes me more than anything else.

Heritage Chrome. Better yet non-numbered. So much cheaper and easier to acquire.

These purple refractors (yes I swear in real life they are purple) were exclusive to special purple refractor hot boxes. They aren't numbered and they look nice which is why I am presenting myself with the insane task of collecting each and every one of them from 2017 Topps Heritage.
I realize that this task seems very far-fetched, but that's what collecting is about. It's going to be a challenge to get one of each of these cards from spots 400-500 which are already short prints not to mention the cost of certain players (Trout, Altuve, etc.) The rookie stars are a whole nother thing and since they aren't a short print I will not be focusing on them (a lame excuse for me to say I don't want to pay $200 for an Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin rookie refractor.)

But hey I already Have Bogaerts and Sale out of the way.
As well as Chapman.

Since Chrome cards take longer to make than base cards Topps had to make this a while back for such an early release set. That's why he is on the Cubs on this card. They had to start making it before he went back to New York.

If you have any purple refractors from 2017 Heritage that you would like to donate or trade please contact me at You can also find my email on my want list page at the top of the blog, and these will be added to my blog by the end of the week.

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