Thursday, September 7, 2017

What You Can Expect to Find in Random Boxes

Sometimes despite trying your best to keep your card collection in immaculate order you catch yourself falling into placing a bunch of cards that have no relation to one another whatsoever. You tuck them away in a box, and end up finding them weeks, months, or even years later.

I found one of those boxes today and I was very pleased to see what I found inside. These were cards that I truly thought I lost, so now I'm relieved that I found them.
I didn't take part in National Baseball Card Day last year as I had no idea it was going on until I saw blog posts of it. I found this card in a dime bin and bought it before I even began collecting Arenado. I knew it was National Baseball Card Day, and that was enough for me to get it.
I found cards of players I collect.
And players I don't collect. 

The Zimmerman is from 2009 Upper Deck Goudey while the Aybar is from 2016 Topps Stadium Club. I must've acquired the Aybar in a repack box, because I only bought 1 pack of Stadium Club last year and I know he wasn't in it. 
I found cards from Topps' original take on Archives. I like this as well as what they do nowadays, so I think they should bring this back. The exact cards of some of the lesser known players. Topps has enough modern designed products out. They can and should add one more set of "throwback" cards that can appeal to both collectors of today as well as those who may have bought these cards in packs years ago.

Speaking of Archives.

I was even able to find a numbered parallel from 2016 Topps Archives. Despite the fact that Peter O'Brien was so highly thought of by Topps and Panini last year, and now he's hitting .176 this season for the Dodgers this isn't a bad card. It may be numbered 164/199, but I doubt it has much value.
Right when I saw this card I admired the artwork. 2002 Topps 206 was such an terrific set in terms of the art design and letting the art stand alone as the main part of the set. Robin Yount is similar to Tony Gwynn in terms of players that I should collect, but I don't. Maybe this card will inspire me to start that collection.
But occasionally when you look through a box of all sorts of cards you can expect to find a gem. This 2016 Allen & Ginter rookie card of Kenta Maeda reassures the part of Allen & Ginter that I like. I knew I had this card, but I didn't know where it was. That's the beauty of looking through boxes. You never know what you could find. 

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