Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017 Topps Chrome: Round 2

After the luck I had with the 2017 Topps Chrome rack pack I decided to invest more money into Chrome. I went to my local Target and picked up a blaster of it.

I had a hard time paying $20 for 32 cards, but I was determined to continue my luck.

As you will see from these packs that did not happen.

Pack 1:

#94 Joey Votto 1B Cincinnati Reds

#100 Andrew Benintendi OF Boston Red Sox Refractor
Wow a great card right off the bat. Not only is it a Benintendi rookie card, but a refractor too. It looks much better in person with a much clearer picture. If only the rest of the box was this good.

#39 Marcus Stroman P Toronto Blue Jays

#6 Ben Zobrist 2B/OF Chicago Cubs

I'm already tired of seeing the same images in Series 1 and 2 that I see in Chrome.

Pack 2:

#50 Corey Seager SS Los Angeles Dodgers

#3 Matt Holliday OF New York Yankees

#182 Chris Davis 1B Baltimore Orioles Prism
Even though I love this image and Chris Davis is a player I collect I'd much rather have this as a base card. The prism doesn't do much for me.

#174 Adam Duvall OF Cincinnati Reds

Pack 3:

#151 Rougned Odor 2B Texas Rangers

#115 Jason Heyward OF Chicago Cubs

#87T-12 George Springer OF Houston Astros 30th Anniversary Insert
These '87 inserts looked good in Flagship and they look amazing in Chrome. George Springer is a player I collect and he has had such an amazing year. The orange uniform ties the card together. Definitely one of my favorite cards from this year's Chrome so far

#77 Jose De Leon P Tampa Bay Rays

Pack 4:

#161 Evan Longoria 3B Tampa Bay Rays

#FS-6 Michael Fulmer P Detroit Tigers Future Stars
These future stars inserts have been a staple in Topps Chrome for years. I adore the colorful backgrounds and even though I don't collect Fulmer this card makes me want to.

#41 Dee Gordon 2B Miami Marlins

#101 Hunter Dozier 3B Kansas City Royals

Oh how I love getting doubles of a 200 card set after only getting about 30 cards of the entire set total.

Pack 5:

#87 Dustin Pedroia 2B Boston Red Sox

A Red Sox and a player I collect. This blaster box is starting to look a bit better.

#113 Adam Wainwright P St. Louis Cardinals

#128 Hunter Pence OF San Francisco Giants Refractor
Well it was looking better. I'm sorry, but it's hard to get excited about a meh player and a meh card. At least it's a meh refractor right?

#184 Jacob DeGrom P New York Mets

More doubles!

Pack 6: 

#38 Brandon Drury 2B/OF Arizona Diamondbacks 

#87T-19 Danny Duffy P Kansas City Royals 30th Anniversary Insert
The more of these '87 inserts I get the more I love them. This card features a stunning picture of Duffy who is one of my favorite current Royals and for good reason. He's put up solid numbers all season and I believe he could be a star pitcher someday soon.

#47 Trey Mancini 1B Baltimore Orioles

And the doubles continue.

#28 Brett Gardner OF New York Yankees

Pack 7: 

#62 Gregory Polanco OF Pittsburgh Pirates

#199 Mookie Betts OF Boston Red Sox Purple Parallel
This was by far the best card of the blaster. This features the Mookie Betts card from Flagship which is one of my favorite cards from Flagship. It's numbered 61/299 and is a beautiful picture with a great purple color.

#22 Edwin Encarnacion DH/1B Cleveland Indians

#189 Tyler Glasnow P Pittsburgh Pirates

Exclusive Sepia Refractor Pack

#151 Rougned Odor 2B Texas Rangers
I like these sepia refractors a lot. They look better in person as they are a lot less gold.

#115 Jason Heyward OF Chicago Cubs
This was the best card in the sepia pack which is pretty sad. I don't collect him and I already picked up his base card as well as Odor's. I wish I could've gotten new players.

#96 Gavin Cecchini SS New York Mets
Not much to say about this card. I don't like the Mets, and I know nothing about Cecchini.

#58 Chris Owings SS/OF Arizona Diamondbacks
Another bland card of a Diamondback. Sigh.

Overall this box was a letdown. I knew it wouldn't be as good as the rack pack, but I was hoping for a few more player collection cards.

At least I have my purple Betts.

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