Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Greatest $10 Card Purchase of my Life

Against my better (judge)meant I purchased a rack pack of 2017 Topps Chrome this morning. As I approached the pack aisle I saw only 4 left. Topps Chrome has been selling out like crazy, so I wasn't surprised. I quickly grabbed my $10 rack pack and tried to get out of the aisle.

That's when I noticed a little sticker on the package stating that with this purchase I am entitled to a free pack of 2017 Topps Series 2.

Free cards for the second week in a row! I'll take it.

I'll start with that pack and then get into the Chrome

2017 Topps Series 2 Pack

#513 Tony Kemp OF Houston Astros

#357 Kelvin Herrera P Kansas City Royals

#597 Kenta Maeda P Los Angeles Dodgers

#655 Garrett Richards P Los Angeles Angels

#683 Mac Williamson OF San Francisco Giants

#MLBN-15 Billy Ripken Analyst

#ATAS-10 Ryne Sandberg
Finally a card worth talking about. This is an All-Time All-Star insert of Ryne Sandberg one of my biggest player collections.

#399 Ender Inciarte OF Atlanta Braves

#598 Michael Taylor OF Washington Nationals

#467 Adam Ottavino P Colorado Rockies

#700 Ryan Goins 2B Toronto Blue Jays

#369 Mark Canha 1B Oakland Athletics

Other then the Sandberg that pack was pretty depressing. Let's get into the Topps Chrome.

Pack 1:

#23 Mark Trumbo OF Baltimore Orioles

#126 Francisco Lindor SS Cleveland Indians Refractor
A Lindor Refractor! I'll take that any day. This purchase is starting to improve.

Then this came along.

#126 Francisco Lindor SS Cleveland Indians Green Parallel #/99
I thought I was seeing double when I pulled another Francisco Lindor card. This green parallel is numbered 54/99. I haven't seen this card on eBay or COMC yet. Just the image variation of this card. Already this purchase is a success. 

#184 Jacob DeGrom P New York Mets

Ending the pack with a player I collect.

Pack 2:

#195 Edwin Diaz P Seattle Mariners

#87T-16 Stephen Piscotty OF St. Louis Cardinals 30th Anniversary Insert
A nice Stephen Piscotty card. Even though he's not one of my player collections I'm very content with this card.

#BTN-19 Matt Carpenter 3B St. Louis Cardinals Bowman Then & Now
Another Cardinals insert, this one of Matt Carpenter. I loved the idea of the Bowman Then & Now inserts in Series 1 and I'm glad they returned for Chrome.

#47 Trey Mancini 1B Baltimore Orioles

Ending pack 2 with a rookie star.

Pack 3:

#13 Johnny Cueto P San Francisco Giants

#11 Zack Greinke P Arizona Diamondbacks Prism
Not a bad card at all.

But nothing could compare to the next card.

#169 Aaron Judge OF New York Yankees Base Image Variation Refractor
All Rise. 

Yes I know this isn't the Aaron Judge rookie everyone is used to setting. It's a SSP image variation 1:143 packs. This card is going for $53, $71, and $99 on eBay respectively. To pull this card out of a $10 pack and to have it be Aaron Judge is nothing short of amazing.

#101 Hunter Dozier 3B Kansas City Royals

Tough act to follow, but a nice rookie card of a nice rookie player.

Exclusive Pink Parallel Pack:

#18 Hunter Renfroe OF San Diego Padres

Renfroe has been hitting a lot of homers this year, but has struggled with batting average. I have no feeling towards the Padres whatsoever, but I hope this card's value rises one day.

#132 Miguel Cabrera 1B Detroit Tigers

Another player I collect. This rack pack just keeps getting better and better

#188 Craig Kimbrel P Boston Red Sox

The lone Red Sox, but what a player to get. Especially after the year Kimbrel is having.

Well there you have it. The best $10 purchase I've ever made (at least on cards). I usually stay away from Chrome after I make a rack pack purchase. But after the success I just had I'm not so sure.

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