Thursday, August 31, 2017

Great Cards for a Great Price

I went to a baseball card shop in Boston that I had been to just once before. I was looking for individual cards for my player collections.

I went in and began to look around. The owner asked what I was looking for and I said individual cards. Upon looking around I found a bin of Red Sox cards and I asked to look through it. Here's what I found.
I got a couple of 1983 cards for player shrines. These were just 50 cents each and are something different from what I usually get.
Wade Boggs is one of my largest player collections. Last time I counted I had about 120 cards of Boggs from all the teams he played for. However, I didn't have these 3 until today. The 86 Donruss and Fleer were 50 cents each, but the All-Star card was a bargain for just 20 cents.
I was also able to get cards of not quite all-time greats, but definitely Red Sox greats. The Lynn is an All-Star card from 1981 Topps and the Crisp is from 2008 Topps. I don't get a chance to get Coco Crisp cards that often, for I don't usually see them at the show so I was pleasantly surprised to get that card. 
I already had a few cards from 2001 Fleer Game Time, but not of Pedro or Manny. These are 2 more of my largest player collections. Martinez is at about 120 cards while Manny Ramirez is my 2nd largest player collection with around 190 cards.
But it wasn't just Red Sox greats on the Red Sox. I was able to pick up this David Ortiz on the Twins as well. I always am looking for Ortiz cards on the Twins and I've now accumulated about 10 different cards of him on Minnesota. It's even numbered (1257/9799). Granted the print run is still pretty high, but I'll take it any day.

I also have a pretty large total of Manny Ramirez cards on the Indians. Last time I checked it was at about 30 and I was pleased to add to that total. This card is from 1995 Score Gold Rush and features a nice action shot of Manny.

These cards cost me just under $10, but these weren't the only cards I got.
The owner gave me this National Baseball Card Day Mike Trout as I was leaving. I already got these on National Baseball Card Day a few weeks ago and I'm stoked to get another. You could only get one of these by making a $10 purchase.

I guess I did make a $10 purchase even though it was over 2 weeks late.

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