Monday, December 4, 2017

A Pack of 1981 Topps Baseball Scratch-Offs

A couple of card show trips ago I purchased a pack of 1981 Topps Scratch-Offs not even knowing what they were. I revisited the pack a couple of days ago and instantly recognized the set since I had acquired 2 different scratch-offs since buying this pack.

Despite not having the best knowledge of the set at the time, I still bought the pack. Mainly because it was $1, but also because I wanted to try some new thing I've never seen before.

And at first glance, I knew this definitely was something new. Basically, these scratch-offs feature 3 players per card and you can tear each player's card off for a grand total of 3 player scratch-offs per card. These cards are also done by the league, either AL or NL. The AL scratch-offs are red...

While the green scratch-offs are green. I like the green a bit better just because it's a bit more unconventional and reminds me of the bold color combinations used in the 70's and 80's. I also like the player's chosen for each scratch-off and while it may not make sense to have Bill Buckner, Ron Cey, and Ken Griffey on the same card, it's kind of cool to see nevertheless, so I applaud Topps for that.

The backs, on the other hand, are nothing too special. They used the same boring red and black combo that has been used in many Topps base sets, including the 1981 Topps set. I do, however like how each panel is different. The top one is the rules of the scratch-off game, the second one is the scoreboard, and the final one is an ad for a "Super Sports Card Locker." I doubt something produced in the 80's that holds 1350 cards is super good quality. 

I have not and most likely will not scratch any of these scratch-off cards, even though it would be a cool thing to do. I really don't want to ruin the value that these things have, and scratching them would definitely do that.

But overall, these scratch-offs are really cool. I guess the reason I like them so much is that so much of my collection is just cards, and cool and different things like these aren't super common. The thing about these that makes them so different is what I like about them so much, and what makes the scratch-offs, as well as the players, included on them, a cool part of my collection.

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