Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Don't Usually Buy High-End Cards

If you read my posts enough, you know that I enjoy sticking mainly to cards ranging from 10 cents to a couple of dollars. I've never been one to be interested in buying high-end products. Especially sets that will cost you $100 for 12 cards and just 1 autograph. 

Instead, I stick to the dime bins and I see what I can find. And most of the time I actually find a couple of cards from these high-end and expensive products.

One of these sets is Topps Finest. I've seen quite a few cards from 2016 and 2017 Topps Finest in the dime bins recently. I guess the brand hasn't maintained its strong value since it came out in the 90's. I don't mind Topps Finest at all, I just think with sets like Topps Chrome and Bowman's Best which highlight the best of both worlds, (prospects and veterans) I just don't think there's as much of a demand for Topps Finest anymore.

Another example of these high-end sets available for cheap is Gold Label. The same week as the release of Gold Label both this year and last year, I saw the base set and even non-numbered parallels in the dime bins. I immediately decided to purchase the cards for just a dime each, but I was a bit confused on how this product already ended up in the hands of someone selling it for 10 cents in a matter of a few days. 

And then we have High Tek. Topps High Tek is one of my least favorite sets put out by Topps each year. The different designed backgrounds do nothing for me, especially with uncreative names like "dots parallel" and "waves parallel." Still, not every card is bad, so if I see these cards for a good enough price I might have to go for it. Especially if it's a player I collect.

And the final high-end set I'll be showing today is Topps Triple Threads. It just seems like no matter what year, this set is everywhere. I've seen Triple Threads from 2015, like the Johnny Bench card above, and all the way back to 2008, a set in which I got a Frank Robinson numbered /99 for, yes, just 10 cents. It just seems like no one wants the base set of Triple Threads, so it all goes into the dime bins. Hey, I'm not complaining, I'll take it. 

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